Walk-In Tutoring

Once in a while, I will find myself with free time. When this occurs, I will sometimes make myself available for walk-in tutoring. The pricing for this tutoring is generally the same as the prices outlined on my Pricing page, but I may give out discounts for shorter sessions or for various other reasons. If there happens to be a link below to a live session with me it means that I am available at the moment. Please click it if you happen to need math or programming help.

By clicking any link below and entering a tutoring session with me you are indicating that:

  1. You have a sufficient computer/internet/microphone setup as outlined on my Computer Requirements page;
  2. You agree to be bound by both Google's privacy policy and my privacy policy.
  3. You agree to be bound by my tutoring policy.

No link is available at the moment. However, you can always head over to my homepage and schedule an appointment with me.