Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What subjects can you tutor?

A: In math I can help with anything between prealgebra, all the way through college algebra or pre-calculus. The course names vary between different institutions, but generally I can help with anything that is primarily algebra focused. I might have difficulty helping you with things that are 200 level and above such as calculus, finite math, etc.

Here is a list of math courses that I have taken that I am also comfortable tutoring students in:

  • Prealgebra

  • Beginning Algebra

  • Intermediate Algebra

  • College Algebra

Regarding Programming, I can help you in almost any introductory course. Typically in the U.S. students first encounter Java as their first programming language in college. This was my experience, and thus, I am well equipped to help you in such a course. Beyond that, I have also taken courses in JavaScript and C#, and have dabbled with the following languages/systems:

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • Python

  • Bash

  • Google Apps Script

  • Electron

  • Linux

  • Virtualbox

  • Git & HitHub

Any of which I would feel comfortable helping you with.

Q: What qualifies you to tutor me in the subjects that you specify?

A: You can browse through this folder to view a whole portfolio of my qualifications and some samples of homework that I submitted in college.

Q: What is your tutoring style?

A: I loosely follow the Socratic method. My approach is to allow the student to do as much of the work as possible, and only when they have trouble will I nudge them in the right direction with carefully constructed questions that lead them to the answer. I will however, give them the correct answer if it becomes apparent that they are completely lost. I also will adjust this style to best suit the way in which each student learns. I understand that not every student learns the same way, and will do my best to accommodate the particular learning style of each student.

Q: Do you allow group tutoring or only one-on-one?

A: Generally, I stick to one-on-one tutoring as I find it easier. However, if you want to do a group tutoring session with one of your classmates, I am open to you scheduling the session and then sending the link along to your classmate if you want.

Q: How can I send you problems during the session?

A: If needed, you can take a picture of the problem with your phone and email it to images at tutoringbyroger dot com during the session. For more details see my How This Works page.

Q: Will I be able to share my screen with you during the session?

A: Absolutely! I use Google Meet to conduct the video call, so either one of us can easily share their screen with the other without installing anything. You will need the latest version of Google Chrome however.

Q: What computer setup and programs will I need in order to join my session?

A: I have spelled out all these details on my Computer Requirements page.

Q: What payment methods can I use to pay for my session?

A: My payment page has options for PayPal and Credit or Debit cards. However, keep in mind that paying me monetarily is optional and there are non-monetary actions that you can take that are often just as helpful to me.

Q: Can I pay in advance for tutoring?

A: No. You can however put money on a prepaid card and use that. This might be helpful if you need to limit how much your child spends for example.

Q: Do I have to be taking a course to receive tutoring?

A: I generally assume that you are working within some kind of course framework to guide your study unless you tell me otherwise. However, there are some subjects like math which are sufficiently standardized that I could likely guide you through them without you being enrolled in any particular course. I personally was home schooled for much of my pre-college schooling, so I am rather familiar with this type of learning. Just let me know what you would like to self-study and I will try to help you where possible.

Q: What curriculum are you familiar with?

A: I am not particularly selective when it comes to curriculum, but I have extensive experience with MyMathLab, EdReady, and MyOpenMath as these were the systems that my college used.

Q: Why can't I schedule a recurring session?

A: I have found that students who schedule recurring sessions generally end up needing to re-schedule frequently and sometimes just stop showing up to their sessions and won't respond when I ask them if I can cancel the remainder of their sessions. Thus, I no longer allow recurring tutoring sessions. However, scheduling a session with me is easy, so feel free to just schedule sessions as you feel you need them.

Q: Can I pay you to take my test/quiz for me? What about doing my homework for me?

A: No. Doing this would be unethical and would violate generally accepted academic integrity principals. I can however, help you study for a test/quiz, or help you work through problems on a test/quiz that you have already taken. I also cannot simply do your homework for you as you won't learn anything that way. I can however, guide you through the parts of your homework that you are having trouble with.

Q: Can I take a quiz/test during my tutoring session?

A: I won't be able to help you with any of the problems on the test/quiz for academic integrity reasons, so taking a test/quiz during your session wouldn't really serve any particular purpose.

Q: How does online tutoring work?

A: My How This Works page describes this in great detail, but here is a brief summary of how things should work if all goes as planned:

  1. Prior to your session you complete any prep that you feel is necessary. This might include making a list of questions you would like to cover with me.

  2. At the scheduled start time of your session you receive an email from me with a link to the Google Meet videoconferencing session.

  3. You click the link in the email and join the videoconferencing session on a computer that meets or exceeds the minimum computer requirements described on my Computer Requirements page.

  4. We resolve any audio issues, or you call in via phone if needed.

  5. I tutor you in the relevant subject material.

  6. If you need to send problems to me, you can take a picture of them with your phone and email the pictures to images at tutoringbyroger dot com.

  7. About 3 minutes before the end of your session we wrap things up, and end the videoconferencing session so that I can start the session for the next student. (This step may not be necessary if there are no more sessions after yours).

  8. Within 7 days from the end of your session you head over to my pay/donate page and go through the steps to either pay/donate monetarily or see other non-monetary actions you can take to help more people become aware of my tutoring.

Q: How can I schedule a session with you?

A: That's easy! You can schedule a session with me directly from my Homepage.

Q: What communication methods do you use?

A: I only use Email. I am not on social media. If you wish to contact me please email feedback at tutoringbyroger dot com.

Q: What if some other person or animal barges into the room while I am in my tutoring session?

A: I won't be bothered, but it might distract you from learning. Therefore, it is generally good practice to find a quiet, secluded spot for your tutoring session and for studying in as well.

Q: What should I wear to my tutoring session?

A: Whatever you want as long as it covers the parts of your body that are normally covered. Wear what makes you comfortable.

Q: What are your age requirements?

A: I don't have specific age requirements, but I generally assume that you are high-school age or older. I don't have a lot of experience tutoring younger students, so there are likely better tutors out there for that age group. If you wish to pay me monetarily however, it is generally assumed that you are over 18 or have the permission of your parent/guardian.

Q: What happens if I don't join my session?

A: If you can't join your session please try to email me ahead of time if possible. If I don't receive an email from you letting me know that you won't be able to attend, I will assume that you will be there. If you haven't entered the Google Meet videoconferencing session within the first 10 minutes from when I send the link to you, I will assume I am free to use that time for other things.

Q: When should I be ready for my tutoring session?

A: I encourage students to be ready to join their tutoring sessions at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of their session. It is common to have audio and/or camera issues and having that buffer time usually allows the student to resolve these issues before the session starts. I also encourage students to test their microphone and speakers 5 minutes before they enter their session.

Q: Where do tutoring sessions take place?

A: Within the first 5 minutes of your session's start time, you should get an email from me with the link to the Google Meet videoconferencing session. When you open the email and click the link, you will be connected to me. I do not offer in-person tutoring. All tutoring takes place online via Google Meet.

Q: When do you open up space on your calendar?

A: It depends, but usually I open up new space on Wednesday and Sunday for the next couple of weeks. If I can see that I need to open up more space, I will try to open up further in advance if I can.

Q: Why am I not getting any emails from you?

A: It is possible that they are going into your spam folder. Please check it and mark any emails from me as "Not Spam" so that you get them in the future. It is also possible that you made a typo when you entered your email address. In this case, your session should be automatically canceled within 48 hours. While you wait, you can try booking another session at a different date/time.

Q: What program/code did you use to make your scheduling system work?

A: It is all written in Google Apps Script and I have open-sourced it. You can download it from this Google Drive folder.

Q: Are you available for hire?

A: At the moment I prefer to be a tutor, so no I am not available for hire.

Q: What countries do you serve?

A: Since curriculum can differ regionally I would recommend that you find a tutor that is familiar with your local curriculum and school. I personally am most familiar with the curriculum in use in the United States and other countries with similar school systems. Furthermore, the only language that I speak fluently is English. With that said, I could potentially help any English-speaking students in any of the following countries:

  • United States

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • United Kingdom

  • New Zealand

  • India

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • Iceland

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • Greenland

Keep in mind though that the timezone in which you live may limit your ability to schedule a session with me. If you live quite far east or west of Arizona, I may only be available in the middle of the night for you.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?

A: You can email me at feedback at tutoringbyroger dot com