Tutoring By Roger

Hello Internet! I'm Roger Frybarger. I specialize in providing online tutoring in math and computer programming to students taking remedial or intermediate college math courses as well as introductory programming courses. Having spent many years as a math tutor and college student at my local community college, I am well equipped to guide you through your college experience.

Regarding education & experience, I have a Bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University in Technology Management and my GPA is 4.0. The process of earning this degree took me on an eight year long journey through a wide variety of subjects and experiences. Throughout most of this process, I remained employed as a part-time math tutor at my local community college. In this way I was able to complete college while simultaneously gaining valuable work experience and avoiding student loans. Also throughout this time, I was refining my programming skills for future endeavors. The product of this refinement is perhaps best exemplified by Roger's Math Whiteboard; a program I wrote and published in an attempt to solve some of the issues that I encountered while explaining math on a Smartboard. I also earned CRLA level 2 certification through my work as a math tutor which shows that I am quite adept at the art and science of tutoring.

If you would like to see a portfolio of example code that I have written, homework samples from some classes I took in college, links to live programs that you can check out right from your web browser, pictures of my college degrees, tutoring certifications, related awards, and a bunch more, see this folder.

In case you are looking for reviews of my tutoring abilities, here is what one of my former students submitted to the Orchids & Onions section of my local town paper. It was published on October 22nd 2014:

You are also welcome to read and write reviews of my tutoring abilities over on SiteJabber.

As a tutor, I pride myself on being independent and not beholden to any one particular organization or institution. I feel that this allows me to focus more on tutoring you rather than strictly complying with the rules set forth by a tutoring company or college. Thus, if you are looking for this kind of independent tutor to guide you through your course, I would be happy to help you.

And if you are curious about how much I charge for tutoring, the information on my Pricing page applies unless I am giving away free tutoring.

Ready to schedule a session with me? Great! Here's how:

1. First see if I am currently offering free tutoring over on my Free Tutoring page. If that doesn't work out, continue on below:

2. Compare your timezone to Arizona/Phoenix time using this meeting planner from timeanddate.com.

3. Use the meeting planner from step 2 in conjunction with my calendar to find a time that works for both of us and is at least 6 hours from now. Note that the white areas of my calendar are when I am available, and that you may need to scroll down on the calendar page in order to see these white areas.

4. Once you have found a date/time that works for both of us, use this form to schedule your session with me.

5. Once you have scheduled your session check my calendar again to be sure your session has been scheduled. From there, simply follow the instructions in the email that you receive.